Recruitment Procedure

¤ Information Desk ¤

Red Rose International Manpower (P) Ltd. offers its service for its clients from its main Information Service Desk from where any relevant information can be obtained. Moreover, the candidate registration is also carried out and the databank is maintained as well. This serves as a good information system for the company which helps in updating the jobseekers’ record n a regular basis.

It also operates “Bio-data Bank” where candidates information are recorded and can be provided upon request as per the requirement from our valued employers.

¤ Communications ¤

Department of Red Rose International Manpower (P) Ltd. is fully computerized and networked entirely in order to provide our clients and the candidates the best and prompt service. Our staff members are always committed and ready to help its clients and provide quality recruitment service.

¤ Advertisement in Daily Newspaper ¤

After receiving the company requirement, we apply with Department Of Labor (DOL), Nepal for authorization, the DOL grants the approval on being satisfied about the credibility of the demand letter and attesting the terms and conditions offered are conformity with the government regulation. The permission allows the recruitment company to advertise the demand in local and national newspapers and also allows starting the recruitment process

¤ Selection of Candidates ¤

We maintain an up to date data bank of potential candidates with full information on their skills, education, technical/trade qualification and experience and advertising allows other candidates to compete for the post. Red Rose International Manpower (P) Ltd. screens the short-listed candidates by pre-interview. The final interview for sort listed candidates after pre screening can be conducted by the employer or his representative or by Red Rose International Manpower (P) Ltd. taking oral, written and practical test. The selection is made purely on merit basis giving equal opportunities to all. The employers are confident that the personnel selected by the selection committee will fulfill their human resource needs.

¤ Trade Test ¤

We also undertake practical trade test at the Technical Training Institute. Companies can select the employees directly by an interview and practical test at office. The trade test is taken at Technical Training Institute where our selection committee observes the workers directly to their respective job accessing their competency.

¤ Medical Check Up ¤

Only selected candidates are sent to an authorized hospital or clinic for a full medical examination. The candidates, who are fit medically and physically for employment are eligible to sign the employment contract.

¤ Orientation ¤

After receiving employment visa and job offer letter, the orientation briefing is organized to make all workers fully aware of the employment company, country’s laws and orders , labor laws immigration policy and maintaining understanding and cordial relation between employer and employee. The orientation takes special care in briefing them to strictly abide by the guidelines in the field of their employment and direct them to maintain good working relationships and motivates them to do their duties/responsibilities in professional manner.

¤ Travelling Arrangements ¤

In all case, we send all the visa endorsements, passport to the concerned airlines, to confirm the scheduled flight from Nepal to the nearest airport of the working country. PTA may be send to any airlines operating from Kathmandu under intimation to us.

Documents Required

The following documents duly attested by the concerned authorities, are kindly requested for documentation process.

¤ Demand Letter ¤

A formal letter issued by the employer addressing Red Rose International Manpower (P) Ltd. with full detail of the job categories, number of worker, monthly salary, contract period, working hours and all other facilities like food, accomodation medical and air passage. Click Here To View Sample

¤ Power of Attorney ¤

A letter issued by the employer authorizing Red Rose International Manpower (P) Ltd. to act on behalf of the employer in recruiting the required number of workers and to carry out all necessary formalities related with their respected Embassy and the related agencies of the Government of Nepal. Click Here To View Sample

¤ Guarantee Letter ¤

This letter is issued by the employer addressing to the Director General Labour Department saying that the workers will not be taken to the third countries except KSA/Qatar/UAE/Malaysia. Click Here To View Sample

¤ Agency Agreement ¤

This letter is issued by the employer addressing the consulate general of the respective embassy initiating him of appointment of Red Rose International Manpower (P) Ltd. as the lawful agent of the employer their authorization to act on behalf of the employers and to carry out all visa formalities with the embassy with particular visa. The Consular Letter is applicable for the recruitment of Royal Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Click Here To View Sample

¤ Employment Contract ¤

This aggrement is made between the employer and the Red Rose International Manpower (P) Ltd. stating clearly and precisely all terms and conditions regarding manpower supply from Nepal. Click Here To View Sample

Job Categories

Electrical Engineering

¤ Electrical Engineer
¤ Foreman – Electrical
¤ Electrical Supervisor
¤ Electrician
¤ Electrician Technician
¤ Cable Joiner H.T.
¤ Electrical Helper

¤ Supermarkets
¤ Salesman
¤ Check out Cashier
¤ Trolley Boys
¤ Shelves Rack Organiser
¤ Cleaners
Security Guards

¤ Civil Security Guards
¤ Ex-Army Security Guards
¤ Ex-Police Security Guards
¤ Ex-British Gurkhas Security Guards
¤ Gate Keeper, Watchman


Hotels and Catering Staff

¤ Manager, Asst. Manager
¤ Restaurant Captain
¤ Cooks (Continental, Chinese, Indian)
¤ Asst. Cooks
¤ Cook (Arabic)
¤ Waiters
¤ Stewards
¤ Fast Food Crew
¤ Food and Beverage Controller
¤ Food and Beverage Manager
¤ Sales and Marketing
¤ Accountant
¤ Cashier
¤ Bakers
¤ Barman
¤ Janitors
¤ Watchman
¤ Laundry Man
¤ Service Man
¤ Security Guard
¤ Security Officer
¤ House Keeper
¤ Cleaners
¤ Room Boy
¤ Kitchen Helper
¤ Dishwasher
¤ Trolley Helper
¤ Bell Boy


Hospital Maintenance Staff

¤ Electricians
¤ Plumbers
¤ Electronic Technicians
¤ Hospital Equipment
¤ Technicians
¤ Hospital Helpers
¤ Ambulance Drivers
¤ Security Guards (Exhibitory)
¤ Gardeners
¤ HVAC Technicians
¤ General Cleaners
¤ Laundry Man, Press Man
¤ General Maintenance
¤ Mechanics
¤ General Painters
¤ Counter Staff (Billing with Computer)
¤ Cashier (B. COM)
¤ Accountants (M. Com)
¤ Auditors (C. A.)
¤ Hospital Manager
¤ (Administrators) Admin Degree
¤ General Material Purchasers



¤ Operator-HD Equipment and Vehicles
¤ Operator Crane
¤ Heavy Driver (Truck, Bus, Trailer)
¤ Light Driver
¤ Mechanic – Heavy Vehicle
¤ Mechanic – Light Vehicle
¤ Auto Electrician
¤ Mechanic Junior
¤ Senior Mechanic Light Duty
¤ Senior Mechanic Heavy Duty
¤ Senior Auto Electricain
¤ Senior Crane Operator
¤ Denter / Painter
¤ Machinist


Vehicle/Heavy Equipments: Operator Auto Mechanic And Maintenance

¤ Light Vehicle Driver
¤ Car/ Van/ Mini-bus Driver
¤ Heavy Equipment Operator
¤ Truck/ Lorry/ Trailer/ Forklift/ Crane
¤ Motor/ Grader/ Dozer/ Backhoe/ Roller
¤ Bulldozer/ Scrapper Operators
¤ Auto Mechanic, Diesel Machine Mechanic
¤ Heavy Duty Mechanic
¤ AC Maintenance
¤ Ducting Installation, AC Electrician
¤ Wireless Technician, Bar Bender
¤ Cable Janitor


Office Personnel Management

¤ Office Manager
¤ Asst. Manager
¤ Manager-Marketing, Sales, Admin.
¤ Accountant, Cashier
¤ Secretary, Storekeeper, Purchaser
¤ Clerk, Typist, Data Entry Operator
¤ Computer Programmer, Computer Operator
¤ Sales Man, Office Boy
¤ Tea Boy